Why Are Polo Shirts So Ugly? Find Out!

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Yes, many find polo shirts ugly and unsuitable both as a casual and business outfit. If you wore polo shirts as uniform while in school or you are used to the dorky look of the pizza delivery guy in a polo shirt, you may find yourself hating wearing a polo shirt either as a business outfit or on casual occasions.

Polo shirts are an everyday wear for those who find them attractive. How polo shirts look on you depends on the fit, size, type of material as well and your weight class. As a result of its hugging nature, polo shirts are usually ill-fitting for overweight or obese individuals.

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So, there are several things to consider before wearing polo shirts. Thankfully, here, you will get to learn about polo shirts, and how to style them properly to give a good look, so hold on tight.

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Are Polo Shirts A Good Look?

Polo shirts can showcase your body aesthetics with ease without you trying. Upon experiencing how fitting and comfy they can be, you will argue in favor of the need for polo shirts to be part of every man’s wardrobe.

Polo shirts may however appear ugly as a result of poor styling skills or old memories of being forced to wear them as uniforms.

The common failing points when styling polo shirts: dealing with the collar, deciding whether to tuck it in or leave it un-tucked, layering with coats, jackets, cardigans or sweaters, and similar other dilemmas. Unless you can successfully navigate these, wearing a polo shirt may turn into a fashion disaster.

One of the easiest ways to turn an ugly polo shirt into an attractive look that earns you compliments is to layer it up. Polo shirts can be layered with jackets or blazers. One of the best jackets that pair greatly with polo shirts is the bomber and Harrington. A blazer does well with polo shirts as well. 

Getting cardigans, sweaters, or hoodies to pair with polo shirts is usually a hassle. This is common as a result of the type of collar found in polo shirts. The collars usually get bunched out when a sweater or cardigan is worn over the polo shirts.

Aside from layering up the polo shirt with a coat, jacket, or blazers, a second trick to turn an ugly polo into a good look is to tuck it in. Yes, tucking in a polo shirt creates a different look, mostly a formal outlook. However, this requires some carefulness as it could create an uncomfortable look. importantly, ensure the polo fits properly and is not saggy or too long. Additionally, to create a perfect look, tuck in the polo shirt and layer it up with a coat or blazers and you are good to go.

To get the best, fit out of your polo shirt, here are some points to consider:

  • Ensure the polo shirt is not too long, it should not be more than 2 inches below the waistline
  • It should be of good quality. Be ready to spend a little more on good quality polo shirt
  • Ensure it is not saggy. Saggy polo shirts are tough to tuck into a pair of jeans or trousers as they bunch out, creating a messy look. unlike dress shirts or tee shirts, oversized polo shirts are not good-looking, so avoid them.
  • The sleeve should not be too long and should stop around the center of your biceps. Anything below this level is unacceptable. The sleeve length should not be too short either. Ensure to consider the circumference of your biceps, especially if you are a bodybuilder. Most polo shirts may turn into a body hug.
  • Wear polo shirts with the right type of trousers. This includes denim jeans and chinos trousers. This way, you can create a casual, smart look or a formal yet relaxed look by tucking in the polo shirt.
  • Avoid wearing an undershirt, underneath the polo shirt. Polo shirts traditionally hug the body and are comfy. They do not require an undershirt.
  • Go for plain polo shirts without a huge logo. Big logos take away the beauty of the polo shirt and it is inappropriate for a formal occasion. Rather, wear plain polo shirts or one with a simple logo that does not take all the attention away from the shirt.
  • Avoid popping the collar of the polo shirt. There is nothing cool about this, except you are at school attempting to impress some girls. A friendly advice, this play never works. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Polo Shirts?

While many consider polo shirts comfy and sophisticated for their inclusion in every man’s wardrobe, others may not share the same sentiment. This is a result of a couple of disadvantages associated with a polo shirt. Here are some of these disadvantages:

  1. Polo shirts are mostly considered casual. Attempts to wear a polo shirt to a formal or professional setting may not go unnoticed, even after pairing them with bottoms such as slacks or chinos trousers. To create a formal look wearing polo shirts, button up all the top buttons and tuck the polo shirt in. However, this may not stop your boss from criticizing your look and insisting you appear more professional to work.
  2. Unlike t-shirts or dress shirts, polo shirts are not suitable for certain occasions and unable to fit into certain dress codes. This lack of versatility may become a problem when all you have in the wardrobe are polo shirts. Therefore, limit your polo shirts to 2 or 5 and have a mix of tee shirts and dress shirts for such occasions.
  3. To create a good look with polo shirts, they must fit perfectly with your body shape. However, with polo shirts, finding one that fits can sometimes prove difficult. Common problems include the shirt being baggy or too tight for your body shape. Sometimes, the length is too long, especially when you intend to tuck it in. 
  4. Most polo shirts do not fare well without proper maintenance. Most require consistent ironing and some dry cleaning. As a result, polo shirts may be unsuitable for travel, as they wrinkle easily when packed in a suitcase and may not straighten up unless ironed.
  5. Polo shirt, especially the low-quality type is not as durable when compared to tee shirts or dress shirts. Some after a couple of months experience some color fading. This is particularly the case when washed too frequently or dry cleaned the wrong way. Over time, polo shirts may also begin to shrink or get stretched out. Sometimes, the wearing may start from the collars or button areas, forcing you to get new ones.
  6. If you prefer wearing trending outfits, then polo shirts may not be a good investment. You may not be able to get the most out of your polo shirts before they go out of trend.
  7. Good quality polo shirts are expensive, compared to their tee shirt or dress shirt counterparts. Going for the less expensive but poor-quality type is equally not a good idea, except if you are okay with your polo shirt saggy into double its formal size or shrinking into half its original size after a couple of washes.

Thankfully, most of the disadvantages associated with polo shirts are avoidable. This can be achieved by purchasing good quality polo shirts early and learning the proper maintenance practice in caring for a polo shirt.

Are Polo Out Of Style?

Polo shirts are not us of style. However, every year or so, the trend changes, and certain design types become more desirable.

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For example, currently, oversize polo shirts seem to be trending. Also, bright-colored polo shirts and those with prints and pattern designs are preferred and are currently popular. For your polo to remain relevant, here are some tricks, you can adopt:

  • Layering with coats, jackets, or blazers
  • Oversized fits
  • Colorful hues
  • Prints and patterns.

Who Should Wear Polo Shirts?

Although popular with men, both men and women can wear polo shirts. They come in various sizes and are suitable for all ages. Here are examples of those who can wear polo shirts:

  • Athletes such as polo, tennis, and golf players
  • Students
  • Businessmen, as business casual or formal attire
  • Those required to wear polo shirts as work or school uniform


How Many Polo Should A Man Own?

Well, the number of polo shirts you should have in your wardrobe depends on several factors such as your lifestyle, personal preference, and whether you are required to wear polo shirts every day of the week.

On the average, you can have 3 to 5 polo shirts. This way, you can select from a variety of styles and colors. You can however have up to 7 polo shirts if you wear polo shirts every day of the week.

Do Polos Look Good On Skinny Guys?

Irrespective of your body shape, type, or weight class, polo shirts are a good look for you. However, for a skinny guy, the polo shirts should fit perfectly and you should avoid baggy or oversized polo shirts for better upper body definition.

What Color Of Polo Should Men Wear?

Some of the best colors for men’s polo shirts include navy, black, white, light blue, and gray. Over time, you can progress to wearing bright colors and polo shirts with prints and patterns. Ensure to avoid a color clash when you layer up stripped polos with jackets, coats, or blazers.

Conclusion – Why Are Polo Shirts So Ugly?

Polo shirts may appear ugly as a result of ill-fitting sizes, poor quality, and poor layering techniques. However, there are several ways of turning an ugly-looking polo shirt into a good look that attracts compliments. Hopefully, this article taught you just that.

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